CSU-AAUP’s Collective Bargaining Agreement (“Contract”)

The Contract is a document that has been negotiated between the CSU-AAUP Negotiating Team and the Board of Regents (BOR) Negotiating Team.  It covers working conditions and salaries of CSU-AAUP full-time and part-time faculty.

Pensions and health care for CSU-AAUP faculty are covered by an Agreement between the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (“SEBAC”) and the State of Connecticut.  SEBAC is a coalition of 15 state employee unions.

The Contract is a Legal Document that Guarantees Faculty have:

Fair treatment

  • renewal, promotion and tenure procedures that are clear and apply to all;
  • salaries that are not arbitrary.

Shared governance

  • faculty involvement in promotion and tenure evaluations;
  • faculty involvement in hiring full-time instructional colleagues.

Fair compensation

  • for labs and for duties beyond regular load;
  • pay for summer employment;
  • retirement & health care plans for part-time faculty.

Resources for professional advancement

  • reassigned time for research and curriculum development;
  • sabbatical leaves;
  • travel, conference and workshop funds for part-time & full-time faculty.

 Good working conditions

  • reasonable class sizes and working hours;
  • vacation, sick, personal and family leaves;
  • part-time faculty eligibility for multi-semester contracts;
  • free parking.

 Academic freedom and intellectual property

  • established procedure for violations of academic freedom;
  • intellectual property belongs to faculty members, not the university.


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All Members

Internal Grants/Funding

Full-time Members

Promotion & Tenure
Reassigned Time

Part-time Members


Faculty Committees that Administer the Contract

CCSU Contract Administration & Grievance Committee

This committee is responsible for implementation of the Contract and for processing grievances if the Contract is violated.  It ensures that all of the guarantees of our Contact are maintained. Any active CCSU-AAUP member can serve on this committee.  For current members of this committee: Contact Us.

For Professional Advancement.  The CSU-AAUP Contract guarantees funding for Research, time and compensation for Sabbatical Leaves, and a number of market adjustments each year.  Our members serve on committees that chose recipients of these benefits:

  • CSU Research Grant Committee
  • CCSU Sabbatical Leave Committee
  • CCSU Market Adjustment Committee

For Fair Treatment.  To ensure fair treatment CSU-AAUP members serve on important committees established by our Contract:

  • CCSU Mediation Committee
  • CCSU Termination Committee
  • CSU Sick Leave Bank Committee
  • CSU Academic Freedom Panel

Contact us if you are interested in serving on one of these committees.