CCSU-AAUP is Your Organization

Together we advocate for and protect all full-time and part-time faculty members, including teaching faculty, librarians, counselors, and coaches.  CCSU-AAUP is a democratic union run by its members, steered by elected faculty officers, and supported by a full-time staff. For more see: Contact Us.


At the time of hire, all faculty automatically become part of the CSU-AAUP bargaining unit.  As such, they are protected by the contract, and its enforcement, and are covered by negotiated health and pension agreements.  However, to support the union’s work, show solidarity with colleagues, and receive other benefits, faculty must become active members of the professional organization.  Active members help run the organization by being elected as officers and voting in chapter elections. They also receive discounts on a number of items and services.

For more details on membership and member benefits and an explanation of union dues. Fill out a membership form.


The CCSU-AAUP is led by its Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee works on behalf of the membership to carry out the purposes of the union, which includes

  • promoting “the professional and economic interests of the CCSU faculty;”
  • providing “fair and adequate representation through collective bargaining and grievance procedures to all members;” and
  • encouraging “research, cultural activities and other intellectual pursuits in concert with students and administrators.”

The Executive Committee is comprised of 4 officers, past president, 2 delegates-at-large, 6 Representatives to the CSU-AAUP Council and one Council Alternate. It meets monthly during the academic year.   Committee members are elected by the active membership and serve two-year terms beginning June 1.

All active members are encouraged to run for elections to the Executive Committee.  If you are interested in serving on the Executive Committee and to see who are the current members of the committee, Contact Us

CSU-AAUP Council coordinates the activities of the four CSU-AAUP campus Chapters and selects and instructs our Contract bargaining team.  CCSU has 6 representatives on the Council, elected by the active membership.  It meets once a month.  Read more about the duties of the CSU Council.


Elections to the CCSU-AAUP Executive Committee and CSU-AAUP Council take place in the Spring.  All active members of the chapter are eligible to run for office. You can nominate fellow members or yourself. Contact us for a Nomination Request Form.

Other Ways to Get Involved

CCSU Department Liaisons

Each department elects one or more liaisons at the beginning of the academic year. Liaisons act as union stewards. They help to implement the contract and defend the rights of all faculty members. Liaisons meet once a month. Part-time and full-time members can serve as liaisons.

Contact Us if you are interested in serving as a Liaison.

Liaison Handbook

CCSU Part-time Advisory Committee

The CCSU-AAUP Part-time Advisory Committee handles matters concerning the employment and working conditions of the part-time professoriate and works towards strengthening communication among and disseminating information to part-time faculty. The Committee meets once a month. It also holds regular orientations and events.

Contact us if you wish to serve on this committee

For more information for Part-time faculty.