EVENTS: Upcoming

Join CCSU-AAUP President Louise Williams and members of the CCSU-AAUP Executive Committee September 3 at 3 p.m. for the2020 Fall Semester’s first Chapter Chat. All CCSU-AAUP meetings this semester will be held virtually, so please stay tuned to email for a Zoom invitation. The Zoom invitation email will contain a link that allows you to join the meeting.

We look forward to seeing you September 3. Stay safe, healthy and well!


Thursday, January 16, 2020: CCSU-AAUP held an Evening for Part-time Faculty that included presentations from CCSU-AAUP, Human Resources. Part-time faculty learned about university policies on diversity and inclusion, as well as the use of Blackboard. The gathering included appetizers and drinks during networking and social time, as well as dinner. The event was ssponsored in partnership with CSU-AAUP and the Center for Teaching and Faculty Development.

November 13, CCSU-AAUP was proud to showcase “Recovering Hartford’s Hidden Past: People of Color in Hartford’s Ancient Burying Ground, 1640-1815” on Nov, 13, 2019, at CCSU. This work is an example of the collaborative and interdisciplinary research for which our faculty are known throughout Connecticut. Dr. Hermes was supported by a research team that includes students, librarians, artists, and computer scientists, as well as Hartford’s Ancient Burying Ground Association and the Connecticut State Historic Preservation Office. Together their work made it possible to uncover the identity and life stories of hundreds of African and Native Americans who helped build Hartford, and, as a result, honor the lives and deaths of city founders who, until now, have been forgotten.

The full-length video of the presentation is here:  
Learn more at the project’s website 

November 6, Election day! Don’t forget to vote. Register to Vote here.

October 5, 9am-2pm, Work/Life Family Conference, Connecticut Room, Memorial Hall.  Register here. For more information contact Fiona Pearson at [email protected].

April 11, 2018. Lobby Day for Public Higher Education. Hartford, Legislative Office Building.

March 28, 2018.  Wednesday, 11am-2pm. Save our Schools, Defend our Communities; Attacks on Education & Efforts to Fight Back.  Memorial Hall, Constitution Room.  Talk by Professor Richard Wolff, and panel about the teacher fight back in MA, NJ, and CT.

Monday, February 26 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm Janus Rally @ Connecticut Supreme Court Building. Show your support for your union.  On February 26, the Supreme Court will hear Janus vs. AFSCME, a case that would slash union rights for all public sector union members. Join union members from all over Connecticut to #Resist! this attack on our ability to organize.  For more on the Janus Case and Why CCSU AAUP is Concerned about it.

February 7, 2018. Sharing the Syllabus. On opening day of the 2018 legislative session faculty from the CSUs, Community Colleges, UConn, and UConn Health will share a syllabus with lawmakers that details how to create a Connecticut where all residents #ThriveTogether through public Higher Education.  Hartford, Legislative Office Building.

January 24, 2018. Politicians, Pens, Pizza #2 Join us for the second event in this series.  CT politicians Greg Haddad, Matt Lesser, and Chris Soto will join us for an informal discussion about the possibility of Free Tuition in CT.  Faculty and students can write their legislators.  Pizza will be provided.  All members of the CCSU community are welcome. CCSU, Southwest Study Room, Memorial Hall.


January 23-February 1, 2018. Due Justice Regional Organizing Sessions. Bringing together labor, faith, advocacy and community organizations to build and advance a bold agenda for A Connecticut That Works For All – Not Just the Few.

DUE Justice Coalition- Democracy, Unity and Equality Connecticut



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