Is CSU-AAUP involved in minority recruitment and retention?

True or False? Issues of minority recruitment and retention are solely the responsibility of the University President and Office of Diversity and Equity and are not covered by the CSU-AAUP contract.

False.  Art. 3.4 guarantees that the university has a Minority Recruitment and Retention Program that recognizes “the compelling and continuing need to recruit and retain bargaining unit members who are members of minority and other protected groups.”  This article ensures that a Minority Recruitment and Retention Committee is appointed by the University President “with the advice and consent of the AAUP Chapter President” to oversee the program.  Release time in the form of load credit for mentoring of minority faculty also is guaranteed, as are special funds to pay for the program.  Those funds are used for things such as travel, mentoring, and support for obtaining appropriate credentials.

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