Higher Expectations for Public Higher Education

Please Help AAUP with YOUR Vision for the
Universities Connecticut Students Deserve

  1. We believe excellent public universities are essential for the public good and individual fulfillment, and that they should be accessible to all.
  2. We believe excellence in public Higher Education is easy to achieve.
  3. It has become increasingly difficult to maintain this excellence at the Connecticut State Universities.
  4. There is hope. 

Tell us your vision of what makes for excellence in higher education, and what would help you contribute to that excellence — if money was no object.

Tell us how cuts to funding are threatening our universities or your ability to do your job as well as you would like.

Please take the time to fill out your thoughts by downloading this fillable PDF* and emailing it to Louise Williams at CCSU.

*You will have to download to your computer and fill out in Adobe; Chrome does not allow fillable forms.