Is it a Grievance? Intellectual Theft / Dishonesty

You are collaborating on a research project with a faculty member in your department when you learn that she took your data and used it for another purpose. Can you file a formal grievance against her?

Answer:  NO

Art. of the Contract does say faculty must be intellectual honest.  But an AAUP member cannot file a grievance against another AAUP member.  Members can only grieve “management” – Deans, Vice Presidents, Provosts, the President.  If you suspect a colleague is doing something wrong, talk first to the Chair of your department.  If the Chair cannot resolve it, then s/he should speak with the Dean of the school.  It is the responsibility of the Dean (“management”) to suggest discipline, not other faculty members.  If you have questions, or if you are the one accused of intellectual dishonesty, contact the AAUP and we can help facilitate the process.

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