Requirements for Renewal, Promotion, & Tenure are outlined in the Contract and by the Faculty Senate and individual departments.

Who is Involved

  • There are 3 parties involved in Renewals:  The Department Evaluation Committee (“DEC”), the Dean of your School, the Provost.
  • There are 4 parties involved in Promotion & Tenure. The DEC, the Dean, the University Promotion & Tenure Committee, the Provost.
  • Chairs are either on the DEC or write separate reports depending on department by-laws.
  • The Provost is “the ultimate decision-maker.”  This means that s/he can disagree with one or all of the other bodies making recommendations and her word is final.  However, an appeal can be made to the President If the Provost disagrees with two (2) of the three (3) evaluative entities.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • There are different requirements and guidelines for teaching faculty, librarians, counselor, and coaches.  See the Contract for these requirements.
  • Dates are very important.  You must submit your materials on time. (See below)
  • Pay attention to Department By-laws, Department P & T guidelines, and Faculty Senate documents.
  • Go to a workshop if you are a candidate, a member of a DEC, or the Chair of a department. Workshop dates.
  • Look at the Evaluation Forms on the Human Resources website.

CCSU-AAUP can only file grievances about violations of the process as outlined in the Contract. We cannot “substitute” our judgement “on questions of substance or merit” for that of the parties involved.  This means that decisions that may appear unfair, but are not a violation of the Contract, are possible.

Contact us if you have problems or questions.