Calling All Members! Sign onto CSU-AAUP Petition

CSU-AAUP needs your help to ensure all campus reopening plans reflect the concerns your union leaders have heard from you express.  To help, please sign the petition linked here that identifies key priorities of any university reopening plan.

CSU-AAUP is aware that certain accommodations have been made at some campuses, but there has been much uncertainty, confusion, and rumor as well.  While we support campus autonomy, there is a concern that this pandemic will impact future semesters. Therefore, it is imperative that the BOR affirms baseline principles and communicates them clearly.

Therefore, CSU-AAUP has issued this petition calling for any CSU campus opening to guarantee:

  1. Safety. The health of the entire campus community will be prioritized despite economic costs and based on scientific evidence.
  2. Professional discretion. All employees are given the choice of working remotely or on-ground, with no questions asked.
  3. Privacy. No employee is required to go through an ADA or other medical certification process, or to take unpaid leave, as long as the pandemic lasts.
  4. No harm. Work hardships because of the pandemic will not negatively impact annual evaluations, renewals, or job offers.

We must work together to ensure that as a system we take the best possible care of our employees and communities during these unprecedented times.

You can help us secure these four guarantees by signing the petition linked here:

Thank you!